All of our tape transfers are done using “professional equipment”. We do not use consumer VCRs or camcorders to play your tapes. This ensures the highest possible picture and audio quality when creating your DVD or digital file.

Tape transfer prices are as follows:

One tape (2 hours or less) $19.00

Discount for two or more tapes: $15.00 each

Your tape is 10 minutes or less: $10.00

Combine tapes (up to two hours) (Keep in mind, the DVD will hold two hours at the high quality “SP” mode): $15.00 for the first tape. $10.00 for each additional tape we add to that DVD.

Betamax Tape: $19.00 per tape. No combining

Foreign Tapes and Foreign DVD Conversions: $19.00 each (Up to 2 Hours)

$5.95 for additional DVD copies. (Call for discounted pricing for 6 or more DVD copies)

Audio Cassettes and Micro Cassettes to Audio CD: $19.00 each
Additional CD copies $4.95 each. (Discount for 6 or more CD copies – Call for pricing)

vhs2dvd 8mm betamax_to_dvd
vhsc pcdvm 120hmp